When to go to Capri? When is the best period? Info and useful advice, month by month, on temperatures and events in Capri

Capri is an enchanting island in the Gulf of Naples, famous for its crystal waters, breathtaking views and relaxing atmosphere. Nevertheless, when is the best time to visit this beautiful destination? In this article, you will find the average annual temperatures; info and month-by-month tips for visiting Capri and useful links for further information. Enjoy the reading!

The tourist season in Capri begins during the Easter period and ends on the first weekend of November.

Holidays in Capri during Spring

If you want to enjoy Capri in the best way as possible and make the most of its attractions, then you should consider planning your visit in Spring or Autumn. During these periods, the weather is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging between 15°C and 25°C. Moreover, you will also avoid the crowds of tourists that crowd the Island during the Summer.

It is also the perfect time to explore the Island’s scenic ways and enjoy the breathtaking sea views.

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  • Capri in March: From early March the tourist season slowly resumes and it definitively begins at Easter. Many restaurants reopen and even boat tours of the Island resume. There are still few hotels open, so I advise you to find out before booking.
  • Capri in April: The beautiful season in Capri officially begins in April: hotels and food activities reopen and sea connections between the various towns on the coast and with Capri resume. Moving is therefore no longer a problem!
  • Capri in May: the perfect month to visit the Island! The temperatures are mild, nature is in bloom and the days are long. Moreover, although during the day you can find many groups visiting Capri and Positano, in the evening everything becomes quiet and you can enjoy long walks.

What is Capri like in Autumn?

In Autumn Capri enjoys a different but still extraordinary beauty. The temperatures are still pleasant and you do not find the oppressive heat of the summer months. Additionally, some of the Island’s most important events often occur in Autumn, such as the Capri Film Festival and the Capri Jazz Festival. These cultural events make the atmosphere even more vibrant and offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture.

During these seasons, characterized by mild and pleasant temperatures, organizing 2-3 days in Capri is, in our opinion, the best period to fully enjoy the beauty of the Island.

  • Capri in September: why come? The weather is warm but not muggy; it is still time to go to the beach and there is much less crowd than in July and August.
  • Capri in October: Even if the hot season is ending, it is an excellent month to organize a holiday in Capri. You can go hiking and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Many hotels and restaurants close at the end of the month, while all beach clubs close in mid-October.
  • Capri in November: Is it useless to come to Capri in November? Well, having the Island all to yourself and discovering the Island in its true essence is a privilege for a few!

Trip to Capri in winter: why it’s (ALWAYS) worth it!

Visiting Capri in Winter means living an authentic experience and getting in contact with the local reality of the Island. Then, enjoying Capri at Christmas and New Year is not an experience for everyone!

  • Capri in December: there is no snow and it is not very cold, but the fishing village festively illuminated, the lights reflecting on the sea and the smell of “struffoli” in the streets of the Island create a Christmas atmosphere more magical than ever. Furthermore, New Year’s Eve in Capri in the square, where an open-air disco is set up under the clock tower, is the most glamorous event in the place. During the holidays, many hotels and restaurants reopen.
  • Capri in January: if you only have this period available to visit Capri, I suggest you to choose Naples or Sorrento as a starting point, and visit the Island basing on the weather forecast. You can plan excursions to Naples, you can go shopping among the boutiques of Sorrento, visit Pompeii and Herculaneum in complete tranquility and enjoy the beauties of Capri in complete calm.
  • Capri in February: if you come to Capri for a day during the month, always check the status of departures at the ticket offices or tourist information offices. Yet… Why not celebrate February 14th in Capri or the Carnival? Curiosity: did you know that here we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day but Sant’Antonino, the Patron Saint of the city? A fair is organized in the center of the town and the statue of the Saint is carried in procession.

If you decide to visit Capri in winter, we think it might be useful for you to know which restaurants are open and where they are located: DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE OF ALL THE OPEN RESTAURANTS PRODUCED BY THE REGIONAL AGENCY “CAMPANIA TURISMO | Capri Island

Visiting Capri in Summer

If you prefer higher temperatures and more tourist activities, then Summer might be the right time for you. However, keep in mind that the Island can get very crowded and accommodation prices can increase during this season. The crystal waters of the Island are perfect for swimming and practicing water sports such as snorkeling and diving. You can explore the famous “Grotta Azzurra” or take a boat trip around the Island to admire its beauty from a different point of view.

  • Capri from June to August: the thermometer reaches its highest levels, as well as the crowds between Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Mega yachts dock in the coast of the Faraglioni, paparazzi roam in the streets, looking for some star to capture, on the beach it is a challenge to find a free sunbed!

Strategies to escape the crowds in July and August in Capri

  1. Visit places of interest during the early morning or late afternoon hours;
  2. Book restaurants and beach clubs in advance


  • January: 4° – 12°
  • February: 5° – 13°
  • March: 6° – 15°
  • April: 9° – 18°
  • May: 12° – 22°
  • June: 16° – 26°
  • July: 16° – 29°
  • August: 18° – 29°
  • September: 16° – 29°
  • October: 12° – 22°
  • November: 9° – 17°
  • December: 6° – 14°

Whatever period you choose, Capri will surprise you with its unique beauty and charm. Book your luxury holiday in Capri now and prepare to live an unforgettable experience on the enchanted Island in the Gulf of Naples.

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