Are you ready to immerse yourself in the story telling of a wedding that seems to come out of the pages of a fairy tale? Marvel at Capri, a pearl set in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, where luxury meets the magic of breathtaking landscapes and secular traditions. Here is how you can turn your special day into an unforgettable romantic epic.

Capri: The Perfect Stage for Your Love

Imagine exchanging your vows under the burning sky of a Capri sunset, with the sea that shimmers on the horizon and the scents of lemons and bougainvillea inebriating you. Capri is not just an island; it is pure emotion, a lovers lane, where every corner promises an everlasting memory.

Why choose Capri for your wedding?

The island of Capri offers dream locations: from historic villas, with their secret gardens and terraces overlooking the infinite blue, to exclusive sites that have seen legendary love stories. Each place contains a piece of history of Capri, ready to become part of yours.

  1. Enchanting landscapes: From lush gardens to panoramic terraces, each landscape is a living canvas waiting to frame your love.
  2. Exclusive atmosphere: The Island is a sanctuary of exclusivity and sophistication, perfect for those who want an elegant and intimate wedding.
  3. Ideal climate: Thanks to its mild climate, Capri offers the opportunity to celebrate your love in every season, with nature always ready to celebrate with you.
  4. Unique experience: Every wedding in Capri turns into a legendary event, enriched by the culture and history of the island.

Your wedding step by step

Five key points for organizing your wedding in Capri

  1. The perfect date: Let the ideal climate of Capri guide the choice of the day on which you will say, “I do”. See our guidelines on climate and seasonal temperatures.
  2. The place of dreams: Visit the locations personally in order to choose the one that echoes in your love story.
  3. An expert’s touch: rely on a local wedding planner to define together every detail of your great day.
  4. Documents and logistics: Make sure to take care of every bureaucratic aspect in order to run your event without a hitch.
  5. Invite with style: Send elegant and informative invitations, perhaps taking a photo or image of the Island, preparing guests for a unique experience.

After the wedding, let Capri seduce you with its wonders: sunset cruises, walks through the art gardens and dinners under the stars. Every moment will be a precious piece of your journey as a couple.

Where can civil weddings take place on Capri?

The municipalities of Capri and Anacapri offer, in addition to the usual municipal offices, the possibility of accessing spaces located in the most enchanting panoramic points of the Island. The use of these spaces involves the payment of a tax for the occupation of public property. For those who want a cheaper solution, it is possible to choose a ceremony at the town hall

How many days before the wedding do you have to be in Capri?

In case of a civil wedding it depends on the laws of your country of origin, in general we suggest being on the Island at least about 5-7 days before the wedding. In the case of a symbolic wedding, however, even a few days before.

Where to stay for a luxury honeymoon?

For a honeymoon surrounded by luxury, Villa Quattro Colonne offers not only an exclusive retreat but also an experience that goes beyond a simple stay. Get ready to experience days of pure magic. DISCOVER OUR VILLA: Capri waits for you to transform your wedding into a legend of love, an event that will remain imprinted in the hearts of those who participate and in the pages of your personal history. It is not just a wedding; it is the beginning of an epic adventure together.