What to do in Capri in winter? Can you go swimming? Above all: to go or not to go to Capri between January and February? Some useful tips for you

Capri, with its beautiful beaches and crystal waters, is a very popular destination during summer. Nevertheless, what happens during winter, when tourists are fewer? So what is Capri like in winter? Is it worth it?

First of all, it is important to know that temperatures in Capri during the winter months can be quite cold. Daily averages are around 10-12 degrees Celsius, but can even reduce under 5 degrees during the night. Therefore, if you plan to visit the Island in winter, make sure of bringing adequate clothing to face the cold climate.

While swimming may not be an option during winter due to the low temperatures of water (reaching a minimum of 13.2°C and a maximum of 15.8°C), there are, anyway, many other activities that you can do in Capri.

Seven Things to do (and see) in Capri in winter

  1. Order a coffee in the “Piazzetta”: you will find one or two bars, which are open, compared to the four ones open during the summer months, but you will have the pleasure of being together with the local inhabitants. In summer, it is very difficult for them to have time to stop at the bar, crowded with tourists; from November onward, however, the tables in the “Piazzetta” become again the meeting place of the inhabitants of Capri.
  2. Walk along the “Sentiero dei Fortini”: This panoramic route will allow you to admire the breathtaking coasts of the Island, the “Faraglioni” and the Tyrrhenian Sea, which extends to the horizon. During winter, the surrounding nature is even more evocative, with the bright colors of the Mediterranean scrub mixed with the intense blue of the sea.
  3. Visit the famous Gardens of Augustus (ticket costs 1 euro in summer, while in winter it is free entrance): They offer a spectacular view of the famous “Belvedere dei Faraglioni”. Even though they will not be in full flowering during the winter, you can enjoy their beauty and serenity anyway. From here, we suggest you to travel along via Krupp and reach Marina Piccola, where the climate is usually milder.
  4. Reach Anacapri: from the center of the Island, you can easily reach your destination in 10 minutes by taking a bus. From here, look out the windows and enjoy the beauty of Capri in winter. In just one glance, you can admire the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento Coast, Ischia, Procida, the Amalfi Coast and the Galli Islands. An unmissable show, especially during clear winter days. Once you arrive in Anacapri, we suggest you to visit “Villa San Michele”, the house museum of the Swedish writer Axel Munthe who decided to move to Capri from Stockholm to create “a house full of light“.
  5. Visit Villa Jovis, the residence of the Roman emperor Tiberius: This ancient place offers a panoramic view of the entire Island and the Gulf of Naples.
  6. Taste the delicious local cuisine: During winter, many restaurants on the Island offer typical dishes of the Campania tradition such as pasta with sardines and whipped codfish. Take advantage of this opportunity to taste the authentic flavors of Capri.
  7. Go shopping: You can take advantage of the winter sales to buy at good prices. Capri is famous for its luxury boutiques and during the winter, you can find interesting discounts on clothing, accessories and local products. (You might be interested in: what to buy in Capri as a souvenir? Typical artisanal products)

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How to reach Capri in winter: transport information

In order to reach Capri in winter, the most convenient way is to take a ferry or hydrofoil from Naples. Ticket prices are generally lower than in summer and you should easily find available seats. Once you arrive in Capri, you can easily move around using public transport or renting a scooter.

Additional advice: During winter season, it is more recommended to take the ferry (or fast ship), for two reasons:

  1. In case of considerably rough sea, hydrofoils are easily suppressed; ferries and ships, on the other hand, travel in all (or almost all) sea conditions.
  2. On the ferry you suffer less seasickness.

Where to eat: restaurants open in Capri during winter months

Among the few restaurants open in Capri in winter, you will certainly find:

  • Verginiello, Donna Rachele and “Edivino”, a wine bar created from an ancient Capri house where you can drink a glass of wine and enjoy a tasty hot soup even while lying in a bedroom.

Furthermore, in the “Piazzetta”, right under the bell tower with the clock, you will find a special noticeboard with the list of open restaurants.

In this article: When (it is worth) going to Capri, you will find useful reasons why it is always worth visiting the Island in every season of the year, and a link that directs you to all the places in Capri that are also open in winter.

Where to sleep?

From November until Easter, almost all hotels in Capri are closed. It is advisable searching in advance the places that offer warm hospitality of the Island all year round. Moreover, if you are looking for a luxury experience in Capri in winter, we suggest you to contact Villa Quattro Colonne, a historic residence in the heart of the Island.