Are you looking for an exclusive villa for your luxury holidays in Capri? Here is how to choose the perfect villa for your luxury holidays as a couple, with family or friends!

Capri is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world, known for its timeless beauty and the luxurious atmosphere it offers to its visitors. If you are planning a stay in Capri and want to live an unforgettable holiday experience, here below we try to give you some useful advice for choosing a luxury villa to rent in Capri for your holidays, whether it is a couple’s stay, with family or friends.

The location: which area to choose for a holiday in Capri

The first thing to consider when choosing your luxury villa in Capri is the location. Capri offers different residential areas, each of them with unique characteristics. For example, if you prefer tranquility and absolute privacy, you could choose a villa located in the hills of the Island. Quite the opposite, if you love being in the center, you could look for a villa in the historic center of Capri or in the famous Piazzetta.

To choose the perfect location for your exclusive stay in Capri, you can select three main areas:

  • Port of Marina Grande: ideal for boat tours
  • City of Capri: to fully experience the atmosphere and nightlife of the center of the Island;
  • Anacapri: ideal destination for those who want a holiday away from the chaos.

Style and design: what type of furnishings and comfort are you looking for?

Another important feature to consider is the design and style of the villa. Capri is known for its glamour and timeless elegance; therefore, look for a villa that fully reflects these characteristics. Famous architects designed many luxury villas on the Island and they offer refined interiors and high-quality furnishings. Make sure your villa has all the modern comforts you desire, such as a private pool, rooftop terrace or spa.

Size: How many beds do you need?

The size of the villa is another important thought. Capri offers luxury villas of different sizes, which can accommodate from two to ten or more people. If you were traveling with a small number of friends or with your family, you might choose a more intimate and welcoming villa. On the other hand, if you want to invite numerous guests or need extra space for your personal staff, you may prefer a larger villa.

EXTRA services: your every wish is a command!

Finally, take into consideration the extra services offered by the villa. Some luxury villas in Capri offer dedicated concierge services who will take care of every detail of your stay, from restaurant reservations to personalized excursions. Others may offer private chefs or daily housekeeping services. Be sure to check what services are included in your luxury villa in Capri and whether they meet your personal needs and preferences.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect villa for your luxury holidays in Capri requires careful evaluation of several key factors. Consider the location, design and style, size and extra amenities offered by the villa. Remember that you are looking for an unforgettable experience, so do not be afraid to make specific requests and look for a villa that suits your personal needs and desires. With a little research and planning, you will definitely find the perfect villa for your luxury holidays in Capri. Have a good trip!