18 This guide will show you how to make the best of both destinations, highlighting their unique strong points and providing useful advice on how to travel and move easily between these two Mediterranean pearls.

Capri Vs Positano: Unmissable attractions

Let yourself be fascinated by Capri

Capri, an enchanting island in the Gulf of Naples, is well known for its breathtaking landscape, its crystal waters and its vibrant nightlife. Among its strong points, we find:

  • The “Grotta Azzurra”: a sea cave with a surreal blue water.
  • The “Faraglioni”: a series of majestic rock formations located out to the sea coast of Capri. These spectacular rocks emerge from the sea and represent the most famous natural icons of the Island. The main three “Faraglioni” are called “Stella“, “Mezzo” and “Scopolo“. Admiring the “Faraglioni” up close during a boat tour is a fascinating experience and one of the main tourist attractions in Capri.
  • The Gardens of Augustus: they offer a panoramic view of the famous “Faraglioni” and the emerald sea.
  • The “Piazzetta”: a lively social center where you can enjoy an aperitif while watching celebrities and tourists walks.
  • Capri Fashion: Fashion is a strong point of the Island, with high fashion shops, boutiques and ateliers offering elegant, luxury clothing and accessories. The “Moda Capri” brand is known for its production of lightweight dresses, handcrafted sandals and other summer fashion items. Buyers can enjoy an excellent shopping experience while exploring the Island’s picturesque streets looking for fashionable clothes that capture the refined style and glamorous atmosphere of Capri.

How to reach Positano from Capri

Moving from Capri to Positano is surprisingly simple. There are daily ferries, which connect the two locations, offering a scenic tour along the Amalfi Coast. The journey takes about an hour; it allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea landscape.

Positano and its enchanting beaches

Positano, with its colorful houses overlooking the sea, is a true jewel. Among its strong points, we find:

  • Beaches: “Spiaggia Grande” and “Fornillo”, perfect for relaxing and taking a dive into the blue sea.
  • The Moda Positano”: with its unique boutiques, which offer colorful Mediterranean-style clothes and textiles.
  • Panoramic Excursions: Positano is surrounded by hiking paths that offer spectacular views of the Amalfi coast. Nature and outdoor sports lovers will find many opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the surroundings.
  • Local cuisine: with fresh and tasty dishes that celebrate the flavors of the Amalfi Coast (Spaghetti with Clams, Eggplant Parmigiana, Seafood Scialatielli, Sfogliatella Santa Rosa)

How to reach Capri from Positano

The return from Positano to Capri is easy as well. Ferries offer several daily trips, allowing you to plan your trip according to your needs and preferences.

Consult the following link for info about ferry timetable and costs from Capri to Positano

Capri or Positano? Seven things to see and to do

Between the picturesque locations of Capri and Positano, there are breathtaking views of Crystal Sea, spectacular sunsets and a culture rich in history and charm. Here, the exclusive experiences and the luxury villas blend into a magical atmosphere, where every detail is made with attention in order to offer guests an unforgettable experience.

So what do these two destinations, among the most requested luxury destinations in Italy in 2024, have in common?

  1. Luxury Villas: Rental of exclusive residences with first-class services.
  2. Crystal sea: Private beaches and bathes in turquoise waters.
  3. Breathtaking Sunsets: Spectacular views of the sun plunging into the horizon.
  4. Boat Trips: Private trips to explore the coast and caves.
  5. Gourmet restaurants: Fine dinners with high-class Mediterranean cuisine.
  6. Luxury boutiques: High fashion and Art objects shopping.
  7. Coastal elegance: Class atmosphere and impeccable service along the Amalfi Coast.

A world of luxurious villas, gourmet restaurants, relax and wellness, boat trips and luxury boutiques waits for those who wish to immerse themselves in this fascinating part of Italy.

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